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Coffee Break in N2/5

Join us for a coffee this Wednesday!

1) COFFEE HOUR Wednesday @10:00 ! BGSA room (N2/5) This is a great spot to PAY YOUR DEPOSITS for the….

2) … CAMPING TRIP! Sign up here for the BGSA fall camping trip September 9th-11th there are still plenty of spots! feel free to email me or Nicolas with any questions! Still looking for people to take deposits, and again you can pay your $20 deposit this Wednesday during the coffee hour

3) Biology Department Communications The biology department is upping its communications game. get at it here: Twitter: @BioMcGill Facebook: Comm Bio Instagram: biomcgill Youtube: Communications McGill Biology

4) BGSAjiji September apartment!

LOGAN BGSA President

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Sign up for fall camping

Details of Fall Camping

1) BGSA fall camping trip sign up! I am happy to announce the 8th annual fall BGSA-run camping trip to welcome new students to the department. Get out your tents, mosquito repellent and favourite fermented drinks for a fun filled weekend to find the outdoorsperson in all of us. This is a great opportunity for both new and returning students to get to know each other outside of the university! We will be leaving for Gatineau Park, just outside of Ottawa, on Friday, September 9th and returning on Sunday, September 11th. The weekend promises to be a great time and we hope you can make it!
It would be great if those of you who went on previous trips would let new students know how much fun you had!

A Few Details:

  • 1) The cost should be around 40-60 dollars for car rentals, gas, food, gear, and the site (but NOT including alcohol).

  • 2) This is “car camping” i.e. even if you’ve never been camping you’re more than qualified to come. - 3) There is great hiking, caving, swimming, canoe/kayak rentals, fishing, and biking (and bike rentals) in the park :)

  • 4) We will have a section of the Google doc for gear sharing.

  • 5) You’re significant others are more than welcome, but don’t feel obligated (i.e. you don’t have to hire someone to pretend to be your partner :) )

  • 6) We are vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, and carnivore friendly.

  • 7) There are bathrooms (10 minute walk) and an outhouse (1 minute walk)

  • 8) We’ve had about 30-40 people (~25% of the grad students in Biology) come on each of the last two trips! (It really does provide a great way to meet fellow students)

  • 9) You have until August 19th to let fill out the form to let us know if you’re interested in coming, after that, we’ll only be sending email updates to people who have expressed interest.

If you’re interested please fill out this FORM Your spot will be confirmed only when you have paid a $20 deposit.

Deposits are payable to: Nicolas Soubry [at nicolas(dot)soubry@mail(dot)mcgill(dot)ca] - Bellini 235 - we are looking for more volunteers to collect deposits in stewart & redpath!! email me if you’re willing to help out

2) Fall seminar: Python for biologists! A reminder that Carlos is putting together a free seminar for the department come this fall. If you’d like to give your input into what topics you’re interested in, please fill out the poll here.

3) BGSAjiji Apartment available September Aug (1 month) sublet


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Python for Biologist workshop?

You’re all great

1) poll for fall seminar: Python for biologists! Our very own Carlos was part of a programming workshop for biologists at Concordia where he helped teach Python, various biology related tools and data visualization. He’s been kind enough to offer that to our department as well sometime this fall! In order to figure out/customize what to put in the workshop(s), he’s put together this poll to gauge who’s interested and what level people are at. Please fill out the poll here!

2) BGSA Room Keys Camille, our lovely W5 key holder is leaving us (~congrats !!~), so we need a new W5 key holder volunteer!

3) BGSAjiji - Apartments: lease for Sep 1 - Aug (1 month) sublet

4) jamz


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