Welcome Back!

HI BGSA, In order to welcome the new students joining us as well as say ‘hi’ after the holidays, we’ll be gathering in Thomson House next Tuesday, January 17th, at 5:00PM.  The first few rounds of snacks will be on the BGSA! Come join for free food and friendly fun! Continue reading Welcome Back!

And we’re back!

1) COFFEE HOUR: This Wednesday! (Jan 9).  Come on down to the BGSA room (N2/5) for free coffee! 10:00am Jan 9th 2) BGSA Help Desk We’d like to get this service up and running this semester!  For those that don’t know about it – the plan is to have a running list of times where … Continue reading And we’re back!

Holiday Party

1) Holiday Party IT’S THURSDAY DEC 8th Tickets are available with the following people ($15 – dinner/prizes/fun/joy/friends included): Christine (Bellini) Léa (Redpath) Tiffany (Stewart: N6/9) Sarah (Stewart N3/11C) And don’t forget to sign up for the dessert contest! We’ll be making decorations tomorrow (tues) in the museum from 4-6. Feel free to sign up to help here. 2) BGSAjiji: Some roommates wanted … Continue reading Holiday Party

Winter Retreat!

Hello BGSA Community, Strap on those snow (rain) boots, get your winter (rain) coats it’s December 1st people, as such, the 8th annual BGSA winter retreat is inching closer and closer. Get out your skates, skis, snowshoes and winter attire for some classic winter fun. Like last year, we have booked an Auberge in Eastman, QC for the weekend of … Continue reading Winter Retreat!